Update: Viral video of the students of the University of Limpopo

Vice Chancellor of the University, Professor Mahlo Mokgalong, addressed to eNCA News Night. [ad_2]


  1. Instead of judging each other less correct each other please. Y are we fighting among each other?

  2. Shame on those students. . . Do yourself a favour, pack up and go home and save yourself the trouble of studying. Leave! Mince! Minaj!

  3. Philosophy is difficult guys . I know this because I took bio Ethics classes in medical school and they were not easy.

  4. Why are there even schools in Africa?

  5. walkout? you mean chimpout.

  6. Hahaha what else do you expect from a bunch of sub 70 IQ kangz?

  7. Your english here wont change anything. The whole world knows. Stop embarassing yourselves further. If you wanna lecture those students go to their class or apply a post if its out.

  8. On other images it is clear that they were given a wrong paper dated 'February 2018' meaning they had not included the correct curriculum. So clearly the university is at fault.

  9. this is a disgrace to our university

  10. Dis is just uncalled 4 these students r out of order n irrational????…so ashamed 2 b a UL student

  11. this students were told on Monday that on tuesday they are writting, they were not given time to prepare for the TEST!

  12. Anthony Roberts u talking rubbish if you don't have anything better to say close your toilet pipe.

  13. Affirmative action will bite you sooner or later

  14. now you know why they dont achieve anything in life and why they love handouts GOD forsaken race ….