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Varun Dhawan arrived in the roadside salon- VIDEO VIRALE
The Bollywood actor, Varun Dhawan, is promoting his upcoming film Sui Thaa in a unique style. Varun came to a local hair salon for the look of his character Maoji in the film, and then made a mustache mustache. Varun went to the local barber named "Bharat Saloon", West Mumbai.

Varun Dhawan
Varun Dhawan visits a local barber to look like Sui Dhaaga; reveals a song from the movie – watch the video
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  1. Aaya tha cycle pe ..gaya car me …… Pata nai film i dustry wale konse fake world me rehte he …jese ki public ko kuch samaj me hi nai aa raha…

  2. publicity ke liye…kr rha hai saaaf dikh rha hai…father ki vjah se yeh star bn gya…actor bn gya…kya bdi baat hai ismai…bina,struggle kre, bina mehnat kre, aur ab publicity ke liye.. yeh sbb kr rha hai…. har baar iski dukaan pr aaye

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