VIDEO: A woman dragged by the San Francisco Muni train after getting her hand in the door


SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) – The state is investigating what could have caught a woman's hand in the door of a Muni train.

ABC7 got a video from the San Francisco Examiner about the incident that hurt Runner Muni.

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The unidentified victim survived the fall but his condition is still unknown to the public.

You can see an elderly woman getting on a Muni train and a few seconds later the doors close on her while part of her hand is stuck.

An employee of Muni speaks to him, but the train moves away. The unidentified runner was dragged on the railway.

"Maybe his finger because the door closes with less than half an inch of space between the door and the door jamb when it has reached the door," said the SFMTA spokesperson Paul Rose.

Even after that, the SFMTA said the sliding doors of their new trains were safe.

"There are sensitive edges in the doors that can detect when a hand or object is in the door preventing it from closing in. In this case, it seems like the door had less than half a door. inch to close for the door and tried to open it, "Rose said.

This is not the only problem with the new fleet of Muni trains. A pin holding two cars against each other is broken in the middle of the ride. SFMTA makes changes, said Rose: "We decided not to couple trains from one car to another until we got answers about what's going on with the shear pin. "

After this incident, the California Public Utilities Commission announced the opening of an investigation and will inspect both the locking system and the sliding doors.

San Francisco District 6 Supervisor Matt Haney wants Muni to report to the San Francisco County Transportation Authority. "It's clear that there must be different sensors on the doors or a way for the bikers to see it differently." I understand that some operators have actually reported that it's safe. "It was a problem and they were concerned about this problem," says Haney.

There are 60 new Muni trains and 40 of them are active in the streets. According to the SFMTA, the California Public Utilities Commission inspected the trains for six months prior to approval.

This video was obtained by The San Francisco Examiner.

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