VIDEO VIRAL – The patient did not take the stretcher out of the sheet and took it to the house. Mumbai Tak

When a woman did not find a stretcher in a public hospital in Nanded District, Maharashtra, her family dragged her to bed for help. sheet.
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  1. Isme naya kya hai yeh toh hota hai sarkari hospital mein Kyunki Yahan Par aane wale log kida makoda Jayshree in ki aukat hoti hai Aisa hum nahi Hamari Sarkar sochti Hai

  2. Duniyaa ka tisraa subse badaa desh hai hamaaraa.. Aaur ye haaal hai… Bus yaha mandir masjid banayengay log.. Lekin jine k liye joo zaruri hai.. Uske aise haal hai… Sad and very sad..