[VIRAL] Action by Johny Gala Pole during the ceremony of August 17, 2018 For the pleasure of red and white flying


HAGEUY VIDEO – Heroic action video of a college student who climbs viral masts on social networks. The boy climbed because the rope used to fly the red and white saka was hung on top of the mast.

In the video, the flag raising process is being described. However, when the red and white saka will be raised on the mast, suddenly the short rope will not move because it is stuck at the end of the pole or off the axle.

Without thinking, this boy named Joni Kala suddenly came out of the choir of the event. He then climbed the mast high enough.

Students at Motalaain's Silawan Desa I High School, NTT, climbed onto the pole without any fear. His two legs closely close to an iron post. Although the pole seemed to be swinging, it continued to climb until it reached the summit.

After securing the rope to its original position, it then fell off the pole. Participants attended the ceremony of participants in the heroic action of Joni Kala.

Silawan village chief Ferdi Mones confirmed the incident. According to him, the flag ceremony was held in the village of Silawan, NTT, which included the border area of ​​the Republic of Indonesia.

"The child is a hero," said Ferdi, contacted by Liputan6.com of Jakarta, Friday (17/08/2018).

He felt that the hero deserved to be pinned to the child because he had saved the face of Indonesia following the defeat of the Republic of Indonesia. At that time, local officials and delegates from border countries attended the ceremony of the flag ceremony.

"In addition to saving the flag, he also saves the face of the Republic of Indonesia at the border," he said. .