Suchita Trivedi marries Nigam Patel; Photos of Mehendi ceremony become viral l | FilmiBeat

[ad_1] Suchita Trivedi known for her role Meenakshi Thakkar in the television show Baa Bahoo Aur Baby is getting married. She marries Nigam Patel at the age of 41. The pre-wedding rituals are currently taking place and his close friends, including Rishi Dogra, Raqesh Vashisth and Krutika Desai, share the same images on their social … Read more

VIRAL, Video of high school students singing songs for the President of the Republic of Indonesia during the flag ceremony, "Mental Revolution"

[ad_1] #Viral TRIBUN-MEDAN.COM – The action of a Korpri official dressed to the head of a group of viral singing on social media. Not just any songs, they watch compact singing songs for the Indonesian president accompanied by two guitarists. Among the words of the song, there is a fragment of the word Mental Revolution … Read more

VIRAL !! Video Police imprudently enter Senayan Toll Road at Asian Games – Closing Ceremony of iNews Evening 05/09

[ad_1] Date Posted: 05/09/18 Daily News Program that presents the fastest and most real information in detail in different areas. LIVE, from political, legal, social, cultural, economic and sporting events, both inside and outside the country. Our reliable reporting team presents live reports on the events scene, which can be used as a source of … Read more

Joni revealed Jokowi's timeline on mast climbing, but he did not participate in the ceremony

[ad_1] TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – The figure of Yohanes Ande Kala or Joni suddenly becomes public. Joni amazed a lot of people after the video climbed onto the flagpole so that the red and white flag could turn on social media. The video was uploaded by the Facebook account Ika Silalahi, Friday (17/08/2018). The incident occurred during … Read more

Viral video! Mass Trance The 73rd Anniversary flag of the Republic of Indonesia, Black Shadow flag declining ceremony recorded by the camera!

[ad_1] TRIBUNJAMBI.COM – Internet users were shocked by the event of a mass trance event that dropped the 73rd anniversary flag of Indonesia to Kamaru / Bau-Bau. This news is distributed by the Instagram account of NDOROBEII In the video posted, Paskibra's agents tried to continue to perform their duties. But the screams were crowded … Read more

[VIRAL] Action by Johny Gala Pole during the ceremony of August 17, 2018 For the pleasure of red and white flying

[ad_1] HAGEUY VIDEO – Heroic action video of a college student who climbs viral masts on social networks. The boy climbed because the rope used to fly the red and white saka was hung on top of the mast. In the video, the flag raising process is being described. However, when the red and white … Read more

Viral! A young high school student climbs on the mast during the Independence Ceremony of Indonesia

[ad_1] TRIBUN-TIMUR.COM – A viral video on Facebook uploaded to the Mann Dapa Taka account on Friday (17/08/2018). In the download, there was atmosphere of the ceremony of the 73rd anniversary of the independence of the RI. An unusual incident, when the red and white flag of Paskibra was to be flown, it appeared that … Read more

The video of Viral, here is the boy who climbed the red and white pole at the 73rd anniversary ceremony of the Republic of Indonesia

[ad_1] TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – Unexpected events occurred in the middle of the commemoration of the 73rd anniversary of Indonesia's independence at Pos Lintas Batas, Atambua, NTT. This morning, Friday (17/08/2018), the hook on the mast was problematic. Flag breeders can not raise the flag. However, unexpectedly, a boy got out of the line and ran in … Read more