Viral, alleged video Pungli Dishub Takalar

[ad_1], TAKALAR – The video sample was taken by a person wearing the Viral Transport uniform on social media on Tuesday (19/6/2018).

A number of facebook social media users share the allegedly illegal video, mentioning the location of the incident in Takalar District.

As one of the facebook user messages on behalf of Khaerul Khan in the Facebook information group Genesis Makassar who mentions that the illegal event occurred on June 16, 2018.

From the video that lasted almost two minutes, it seems that the person suspects that the official of the Transportation Agency has stopped one of the runners, and then asked for a letter of completeness to drive.

Moments later, the representative of the Transport Agency asked Rp50,000 for the rider he owned.

Author: Reni
Video editing: Andi Hermanto
Publisher: Kink Kusuma Rein.



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