Viral boy at the opening video of the 2018 Asian Games, paid for using BOX Rice!



The big event of the 2018 Asian Games still leaves interesting stories discussed.

One of the most memorable elements of public memory was the video of the opening ceremony of the 2018 Asian Games where Jokowi took action.

In the video, President Joko Widodo plays on a motorcycle.

The theme of the video was the action of Jokowi when he broke the traffic jams in Jakarta to arrive at the opening ceremony of the 2018 Asian Games.

The action of Jokowi immediately became the star of the community and the world.

In fact, by the Koreans, Jokowi became a hot topic that was hotly discussed during the event.

One of the moments that became an attraction was when a big boy participated in the video.

The little boy in the story of the video crosses the road with other children.

Jokowi could stop his bike and let a group of children cross the street.

Then the one that caught the eye was when the boy was left in the back row.

Wearing scout uniforms and carrying balloons, the boy had a funny expression and made everyone laugh.

After the end of the event, we also talked about the boy.

Many say that the boy's face is very capable, and very amusing to use as a joke.

Apparently, slowly revealed who this funny figure was.

Posted by from Nakita.ID, the boy's real name is Muhammad Fairel Khalif Ramadhan.

This is a student from Bekasi who participated in the casting to become one of the roles of the video.

And this is not the first time that it appears in front of the camera.

Previously, Fairel had participated in a talent search while she was in Grade 3 grade school.

This boy has also played in several soap operas and movies.

Fairel also shared his experience in making the video with Deddy Corbuzier when he was invited to the Black and White talk show.

When Deddy asked how often he had done the scene, Fairel said that he had done it more than twice.

"Eee … three or four times, you forgot," Fairel said with a smile.

By making videos, Fairel and other friends were gathered at the State Palace.

He also talked about his activities on the sidelines of the filming process.

"Eat, sleep, play with deer, chase with deer," he continued.

Deddy's discussion with Fairel on the Black and White program was relaunched by the official Black White YouTube channel.

On August 23, 2018, the episode of Black White on YouTube reveals that the Fairel is quite stunned.

He also understands what he's had while shooting with Jokowi.

Deddy then asked for the prize he received for playing in a video produced at the 2018 Asian Games, which was also a prestigious event in Asia.

When asked about this, Fairel seemed confused to answer it.

Fairel answered innocently, "no".

Hearing the answer, Deddy suddenly surprised and surprised.

"So what are you getting?" Deddy asked again, provoking a different answer.

But Fairel always responded with the same answer: "I do not know what to get."

"Box of rice?" Deddy asked.

Fairel also accepted Deddy's question.

Then Rico Ceper replied, "Thank you once, by your mother or your school?"

Fairel responded that if the payment received from the party of production was directly given to his mother.

Deddy also teased Fairel that Fairel's mother was extraordinary.

"Oh, mom paid, who played you? An amazing mother!" Deddy said applauding.

No wonder the production group immediately gave it to Fairel's parents, considering he was still a child.

Even this payment will be fair for the needs of the school.



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