Viral! Due to the frequent consumption of spicy noodles in women experiencing this, apparently, the stomach is not as strong as the tongue


The challenge of eating spicy instant noodles had become viral some time ago. Some people find it difficult to meet the challenge, but some are successful. However, even though our tongue is strong enough to eat very spicy foods, it does not mean that our intestines feel the same way.

A Malaysian named Otad Al Miko told the story of his wife who had to be transported to the hospital because of the too spicy food.
The woman experiences very severe stomach aches after eating spicy instant noodles almost every week.

This incident occurred 3 years ago, but Otad Al Miko sent it on September 15, 2018 as a reminder to Internet users. In Malay, Otad Al Miko wrote:

I was first impressed by his spicy tolerance.

But eventually, RM10,000 (IDR 35 million) was spending a night putting a camera in his stomach to identify the cause of his stomach pains as he had a very stomachache. "

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