#trend Prabowo Apparently, like Joged

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Viral! Due to the frequent consumption of spicy noodles in women experiencing this, apparently, the stomach is not as strong as the tongue

[ad_1] The challenge of eating spicy instant noodles had become viral some time ago. Some people find it difficult to meet the challenge, but some are successful. However, even though our tongue is strong enough to eat very spicy foods, it does not mean that our intestines feel the same way. A Malaysian named Otad … Read more

Viral videos of women with a bloody waist, apparently a boyfriend for refusing to be touched

[ad_1] TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – A young woman with the initials WA was stabbed by her lover. The video is viral on social media, one of which is uploaded to an Instagram account @makassar_iinfo, Monday (11/09/2018). The woman was injured at the waist, while some residents tried to help her. WA, who was still unconscious, was taken … Read more

VIRAL !! This is the fact of the boy who viral video His poetry suddenly, apparently it's about his father

[ad_1] #YtCrash – A video featuring a little boy reading a poem suddenly on social networks. In the beginning, Internet users were led to not understand the poem read by this boy, but after being seen in its entirety, the poem had a very deep meaning, it was even deeply deepened. ————————————————– ————————————————– ——– YtCrash … Read more