Viral! Garuda Boeing 737-800 Fly with 1 passenger only


MAKASSAR, TRIBUN – A photo and video duration of 1 minute 54 seconds, viral on social networks, Sunday (3/6/2018) this.

The video shows a man flying alone on a Garuda commercial aircraft type Boeing 737-800 NG.

Boeing type 737-800 is designed for 6 seats per row. The seating capacity is 156 passengers with 12 business class and 144 economy class configurations.

In the row of seats there is a green banner bearing the logo of Garuda Indonesia.

This video and these photos were aired when Garuda was wrapped in mistrust of the group of employees and the threat of a crew strike and the management of the state-owned airline.

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Not yet known the identity of the man.

When does this image and video capture also no information.

Garuda's management mentioned that it had happened.

The man photographed and recorded his own photo and asked one of the three flight attendants to sign up walking from the aisle (plane) with a seat 6-row passenger.

The average-aged man with a thin mustache, shirt and black pants, measures about 170 cm and weighs about 70 kg.

"Cieee, who has a plane," said one of the three flight attendants sitting in the back seat when asked to sign up while walking.

From the tape, the man said that he had also been in a plane with this condition. "It's common, I've also used DC-10, Mbak," he told the air hostess who recorded it from the center. from the plane to the back.

From a group of WhatsApp journalists, activists, in Makassar, the man was named "Dolah Palu".

"This man is offended because he was revealed in Makassar, finally chartered his own plane from Makassar to Palu," commented a member of the group who was also a former Palu journalist, Muhammad Nur.

Logat the man who is in the cabin plane is indeed like the focus of the citizens of Palu, Central Sulawesi.

Is there a charter of plane?

The legal regulations in Indonesia do not allow a person to charter a commercial aircraft.

"The chartered plane has its own company," said Isdar Yusuf, an aviation law specialist from Unhas, at the Tribune.

Deputy PT PT Garuda Indonesia Kalimantan Kalimantan Region
I Wayan Supatrayasa also denied the chartered individual plans of Garuda.

"If the charter did not say, because all of our Makassar planes are scheduled or regular," he answered the Tribune question last night.

I Wayan explains, the possibility of the plane is a plane that has experienced delays and passengers to an earlier plane.

"The plane that has fallen behind, we have to leave even without passengers or with new passengers," he said.

I say Wayan will check the accuracy of the video?

On the possibility of the man "aircraft owner" that Palu or Makassar may indeed be true.

Since March 2014, Garuda has flown regular Boeing 737-800 NG commercial aircraft to Jakarta-Palu-Makassar.

The inauguration ceremony at that time, was attended by the director of marketing and sales of Garuda Indonesia, Erik Meijer with the Deputy Governor of Central Sulawesi, Sudarto, and a number of journalists.

Garuda Indonesia serves Jakarta in direct flight – Palu every day with departure from Jakarta (GA 622) at 18:10 WIB and arrives in Palu at 21:55 WITA, then returns from Palu the next day (GA 623) at 07:20 WITA and arrives in Jakarta at 08.50 WIB.

Direct flights Jakarta – Palu are served by aircraft type B737-800NG with a capacity of 156 passengers with a configuration of business class 12 and economy class 144.

Meanwhile, the flight to Palu via Makassar is also served daily using flight B737-800NG with departure time from Jakarta (GA 642) at 07:15 WIB and arrived at Makassar at 22:45, and will depart from Makassar at Palu (GA 608) at 13.55 WITA and arrived in Palu at 15.10 WITA

This – then return from Palu to Makassar (GA 609) at 15.55 WITA and arrive at Makassar at 17.10 WITA then departure from Makassar to Jakarta (GA 613) to 19.50 WITA and arrive in Jakarta at 21.10. (19459003) news



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