Viral !!! Movie type video action, police disguise


Video of a police action capturing a group of thugs under cover of viral security on social networks. This video was viral after being downloaded by the account owner Rendi Puguh Gumilwang on Facebook on Sunday, August 26, 2018 yesterday.

In his download, Rendi made a statement "The thugs under the guise of security are believed to have extorted tens of millions of rupiahs for years in the Thousand Cengkareng complex.

In the first video of a duration of 1 minute 16 seconds uploaded by Rendi, a thug accused the shop owner of not having the official permission of the local RT / RW to build a bridge in front of the rukonya . Meanwhile, the store owner claimed to have obtained permission from RT / RW to build a bridge.

Nevertheless, the thugs ignored the store owner's response and continued the demolition

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