Viral | Python snake kembali memakan korban manusia, indonesia is still a lot of big snake

Indonesia still has a lot of big snakes
Indonesia is still a lot of big snake

Indonesia is still a lot of big snake [ad_2]


  1. I love how the cops are just watching the people doing the job.

  2. กูจะเก็บไปฝันมั้ยนิ น่ากลัว

  3. ทำกรรมร้วมกันมา(งู)ดีกับคน

  4. Just another day at the office.

  5. Indonesia is not safe to travel. Avoid Bali holiday.

  6. Nature…is barbaric…there is no "justice" or "fairness" in nature. Its eat or be eaten.
    We humans should try to respect and preserve the lifestyle of the animals and their natural environment but we should also avoid contact with dangerous animals as much as possible.
    Obviously, im not gonna "like" this video. Im not gonna celebrate the death of a person.

  7. Fucking Indonesian! Why didn’t kill that fucking snake before?
    It would better kill all like that snake before accident!

  8. "Like & comment" , Are you serious?!

  9. this is the second time in Indonesia