Viral !!! Similar hot videos Aura Kasih


In recent times, the public has been shocked by the presence of a burning video, with the figure of a woman who has been mentioned as Aura of Love.

The case of the emergence of a nasty video Aura Kasih made the news recently excited. In fact, the singer Mari Bercinta has clarified the matter by mentioning that her face the market, because likened to women in the nasty video.

So excited by the news of this nasty video, 31-year-old mojang was then curious. He wants to see the woman's face in this video that's similar to her. Although in the end, he admitted sorry to do so.

"Siallll.Gara2 org at the scene jd to watch deh his video," wrote Aura Kasih on Instagram account Storiesnya.

"Oh God, sins deh abis Lebaran …. geliiiiiii," he continued.

In the Instagram Stories account, this 31-year-old woman also had a survey to determine how similar she is to the woman. Even 61% of Internet users say that Aura Kasih's neck is very similar to the woman in the nasty video.

"What is the same? Idungnya? The neck," he asked.

"Netizens answered !! What is the same thing? LEHERNYA," he wrote again while including emoticons laughing.