So Viral, video clip Siti Badriah success translucent 45 million views


So Viral, video clip Siti Badriah success translucent 45 million views

Pedangdut Siti Badriah shows his achievements in the world of music. The song "Lagi Syantik" sung by Sibad (familiar) has become viral and often used in the Tik Tok application.

The video clip "Lagi Syantik" that was released on March 22 and has successfully attracted more than 45 million views on YouTube. This is a remarkable achievement, given the video clip of the song that has just been released about two months ago.

The song "Lagi Syantik" itself carries the musical genre of electronic dance and rege, then combined with the dangdut voice of Sibad. Not only that, the lyrics of the song was easy to hear and use the word that is fashionable, namely "Syantik".

While the music video "Lagi Syantik" takes the concept that is not less energetic and interesting. The video clip of the song takes a background on a beach. Sibad was accompanied by four dancers, two dancers and two dancers.

In addition, Sibad and the four dancers also wear a colorful sports suit. Sibad and the dancers also wear an army or army style costume. The dance movement song "Again Syantik" seems as easy to follow

Apparently, the song "Lagi Syantik" is not only popular in the country, but also in Malaysia. The song won first place on iTunes Malaysia's Top Song. In fact, the song "Again Syantik" managed to beat the song "Fake Love" Bangtan Boys or BTS.

The netter also gave a positive response to the song "Lagi Syantik" sung Sibad. They also admitted to really enjoying the song and listening to it constantly.

"This oath is a beautiful song bangettt kak sibad, otw translucent 100 aminyarabbal viewers" alamin ", commented a netter. "The amazing song has so exploded that I really like this song, including me," added another netter.

"Cool song abis Not bored-bored song Denger On the game continues," wrote Netter. "In the computer from back and forth, the song is not going to bosen malahh want to add again and again the wasekk shake Kak Siti Badriah Kerenn Dehh Laghi syantik heheehe," added another.



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