Viral !!! TNI staff reportedly beat high school students in the street


incident Wednesday, August 22, 2018 around 10 am on the Jagorawi toll road towards Jakarta from Cibubur. The toll road is quite dense the driver of the sedan (me) brakes a bit abruptly, because the car in front of me brakes abruptly, just behind my car there is a BLACK CAPTIVA WITH FLAT B1207TGZ I do not know it there is moved or blocked from the middle lane (I was in the right lane) this action almost got me hit by a car behind me, the captive driver with the TNI seat plugged in straight and j & # 39; I opened the window, strangling my neck and my little brother from the back door and at that moment the person hit my brother right in front of him.

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33 thoughts on “Viral !!! TNI staff reportedly beat high school students in the street”

  1. segera CIDUK saja pelaku pemulukan ini. Saya yakin 1000000 persen dia bukan anggota TNI. Tapi cuma kampret yang berlagak TNI. Gampang saja,. Kalau TNI-laporkan komandannya atau ke Guntur…PM. Selesai !. Kalau sipil..tugas POLRI mencari pelakunya. Wajahnya jelas terpampang di video…1 x 24 jam harusnya sudah ditemukan pelakunya.

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