Viral video: A suspect who flees the RCMP falls to the ceiling

A surveillance video captures frantic moments inside a convenience store as suspects attempt to flee the police. Shanelle Kaul reports from CTV.

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  1. What would you do for a Klondike bar? or in this case a can of Pepsi.
    I feel sorry for these criminals, seriously it is just not worth it.
    To get away with crime you have to be a politician like Hillary Clinton, Obama or John Kerry.

  2. Hahahaha. Canada at it's finest.

  3. Reminds me of Benny Hill LMAO!!!

  4. Watch this video and keep in mind a 12 year old little boy was shot dead, playing in the park while these two violent RESISTING idiots walked away unharmed.

  5. Indian store owner, how unusual.

  6. Why is no one hating on the boyfriend for doing that to his girlfriend? You know pushing her against the cop to sacrifice her? If a woman did that to her boyfriend the comments would definitely hate on her.

  7. They Dindu nuffin!! Get rid of those ooga boogas!!

  8. Failed to grasp the gravity of the situation.

  9. Canadian police are PATIENT!!! American police would've just shot the guy! :/

  10. The way that girl felll haahaha resembles my cat when I throw him on the bed

  11. Too bad she hadn't broken her back when she fell.

  12. Where is the animal comments?????

  13. Meth is one hell of a drug….

  14. I know that had to hurt……on that note, she is smoking ?.

  15. $1.39 for a 12oz soda can? I'm calling the cops.

  16. One shoe on & one shoe off…

  17. For those confused about the price of the pop can, keep in mind this appears to have occurred in Canada. Be sure to remember the location currency. Canadian Dollar (1.39) to United States Dollar (1.06) or wherever you're watching from, etc…

  18. Morons are not news. Cops did their job. Woo Hoo!