The Kyle and Jackie O Show are known for pushing the boundaries of good taste. But even co-host Jackie's "O" Henderson seemed to have doubts about a segment aired during Thursday's episode. The 43-year-old man seemed preoccupied interview with a young woman who claimed that God had told her to drink dog urine because of her healing qualities. Scroll down for the video "She might need help": Jackie O (left) seemed deeply uncomfortable in an interview with a woman on the right) who claims that "God told her to drink it." "Dog urine" on KIIS FM Thursday A 21-year-old American woman named Lynne spoke to KIIS FM radio hosts after reported earlier this week her bizarre health claims. RELATED ARTICLES Prev 1 Next & # 39; Now I always have this natural glow: Woman drinks her … F ** k you guys: Jackie & # 39; O & # 39; Henderson swears to Joe Jonas … I do not want to know Kyle … of KIIS FM … They are seriously hit! Lynne claimed that God told her to drink her dog urine and that the drug companies were conspiring to hide her incredible health benefits to the public. "Until I drink my dog, I was depressed and I had acne": a 21-year-old woman named "Lynne" spoke to KIIS FM after DailyMail .com reported this week its bizarre health claims. She also insisted that the urine of her dog had healed her depression, cleared her acne and helped to keep her free of cancer. "You can make fun of me whatever you want … it works, I do not have cancer," says Lynne on the air. "I do not have it either, but I do not drink a dog, "said Jackie worried, to which Lynne replied," You could have it. "How did you even think about it? Lynne made several disturbing statements during the interview, that Kyle Sandilands (photo) found it amusing and fascinating.Later Dr. KIIS, medical expert of the show, joined the conversation. "When we look at the evidence, nothing says that dog" And, thankfully, the Cancer rates in young people are incredibly low. "Dr. KIIS added," And the good thing about acne is that every year as we get older, acne improves. So maybe it was just something that just disappeared [for Lynne]. & # 39; The dog pee does not cure acne. that's not it. It's infuriating! After Lynne, 21, said that dog urine was drinking prevented her from having cancer, Brooklyn Ross (left) interrupted with, "I can not listen to that anymore" Lynne then answered, "Why do not I have cancer then? , prompting KIIS Brooklyn Ross newsreader to interrupt it. "Kyle, it's the stupidest thing I've ever heard on this show, I can not listen to it anymore," he said, talking to Lynne, he said. Added: "You have no cancer and you've never had cancer." The pee does not do anything. "It's maddening!" Dr. KIIS added, "We have to remember that this n & rsquo; It's not a natural thing to do. "I think the decision to go and [drink urine] is incredibly unnatural.There are a number of bacteria that will make it dangerous." interview, Jackie said, "Listen, I think Lynne might need help." That's all. "Expressing her concern: After the weird interview, Jackie said: "I think Lynne might need help." Lynne made headlines after posting a horrifying video of herself drinking the urine of her own dog. 39 among you have asked me how I feel Well, how my makeup is still so perfect, or how I always have that natural glow, "she says in the clip. Using a plastic cup, Lynne collects her dog's urine before drinking it. A shocking video: Lynne hit the headlines after posting a horrifying video of herself drinking her own dog 's urine and claiming that she was helping to clear her bad acne . Pharmaceutical companies keep this secret out of sight. They pay lobbyists to get politicians to buy you pain medication and chemo. It's the secret to cure cancer, relieve pain and prevent joint swelling. If you do not have your own dog, steal one from a neighbor.Published by Lynn Lew on Monday, May 7, 2018 until I drank the first pee of my dog, I was depressed, I was sad and I had bad acne, & # 39; A woman says after finishing the cup. The pee dog also has vitamin A, vitamin E and it has 10 grams of calcium, and it is also proven that it helps cure cancer. and it was a form of therapy practiced in ancient China, Rome, Greece, and Egypt. But experts warn against the impact the substance may have on health because of the toxins and acids that can reside in the urine.