Viral video and examples of nationalism, the police chief of NTT promises the renovation of the home of Yohanes Ande Kala


TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – Heroic Action of Yohanes Ande Kala (14 years old) who climbed the mast during the 73rd Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia Friday 18/18/20 in Motaain, Seda Silawan, district of Tasifeto Timur, regency of Belu, NTT Province, had time to turn on social media and received thanks from all parts of Indonesia.

In a social media video, Yohanes, colloquially known as Joni, helped the flag-raisers (Paskibra) move away from the line towards the middle of the field and climbing the pole.

The news reached the ears of NTT Regional Inspector General Dr Raja Erizman.

Reported by Pos Kupang's video gallery, Erizman promised to dissect Joni's house and his parents, Beterino Fahik Marsal and Lorensa Gama.

The home surgery was given by the NTT regional police chief because he was proud of what Joni had done.

He showed a strong sense of nationalism during Indonesia's Independence Day ceremony.

This was forwarded by Belu Police Chief, AKBP Christian Tobing, S.I.K., Mr. Si to Pos Kupang on Saturday (18/08/2018).

In addition, Tobing testified that the NTT regional police chief also gave Joni's parents compassion.

The Tobing webbing was given to Joni's parents on Friday (17/08/2018).

Johny Kala's father, Beterino Fahik Marsal, thanked the regional police chief of NTT for the care provided to them and their families.

Beterino did not think that what his son had done could get a prize from all parties.

According to Tobing District Police Chief, Johny Kala's action is an example of the spirit of nationalism, a spirit of struggle that begins at an early age.

The commemoration of Rotary's 73rd anniversary on the border between TI-Timor Leste and the year before has a different story.

The ceremony, initially solemn, was marked by the breaking of the flag.

But the brave young high school student climbed a dozen meters to take the rope to tie it to the flag.

The video became viral after being posted to a Facebook account named Ika Silalahi.

"Never consider yourself small and useless.

This little boy from Atambua gets on the mast to pick up the end of the rope that is released when the flag is spread.

Whatever happens, red and white must continue to fly !!

Dirgahayu my country, "he wrote.

Watch the video above! ( Yulita Futty Hapsari)


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