Viral video exclusive: How self-proclaimed journalists turned into looters in Kashmir


When fake journalists shame Kashmir's entire journalistic fraternity

The newspaper Kashmir Scenario, media partner of a cultural event, illegally withdraws notes of three million rupees

Deptt of craftsmanship, tourism deptt hand in hand with a fraudster

Kashmir Press Office

Srinagar: Shaming the media fraternity, notorious editor of a weekly that is known for black mail and cheating has once again made its way into another scandal in the Department of Crafts and the Department of tourism simultaneously.

According to reports, Mudasir Gulzar who is director and producer with Doordharshan and owner of S.R Event Management Company under registration no. 010334788 with Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, the J & K Government holds its cultural event in 2015 in which Department of Crafts, Tourism Department, JK Traffic Police and several others where sponsors for the holding a cultural event.

Whereas the weekly newspaper Kashmir Scenario acted as a media partner, including others.

Editor-in-chief of Kashmir Scenario, Malik Sajid allegedly influenced the senior officials of the Department of Crafts and Tourism Department and would withdraw approved invoices to the company SR Event Management for holding the cultural event & # 39; Shaam-e-Sufiyana & # 39; at Tagore Hall.

Mudasir Gulzar who rigorously followed the event's bills to get sanctioned so that he could clear the credit bills, but to his surprise, he came to know that three rupees lakh was transferred to the No: 0005040100060262 account of Sameed Malik son of Mohammad Shafi Malik resident of Madina Colony, Bemina and brother of Kashmir editor Malik Sajid script.

Upon receipt of a complaint, the police host a FIR on the incident and opened an investigation under the FIR No. 36/2016 of 18/06/2016.

During the investigation, the police also revealed that Malik Sajad not only made falsifications to withdraw bills but also submitted the same S.R Event Company license under his name.

Mudasir Gulzar, owner of the SR event management company during a conversation with the Kashmir Press Service (KPS), said that shortly after the incident, several media organizations showed doors everywhere.

Gulzar said that Kashmir Scenario editor Malik Sajid threatened not to follow the case to avoid any unfortunate incident.

A senior police official in charge of the case told the Kashmir News Service that it is certain that the guilty will soon be brought to justice. He confirmed that several officials from the Department of Crafts and Tourism Department are also involved in the scam and will be put in public at the earliest.

He said that they have recovered solid evidence of falsification and loot of public money.

It is worth mentioning here that, the police recently housed FIR against Malik Sajid and others by downloading fake news and tarnishing image of the former finance minister.

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