Viral video midwife playing Tick Tok during the growth of the baby patient


Viral Video Midwife Play Tic Tok during the transport of the baby patient

Viral two midwife play Tik Tok

Video of two midwives playing the Tik Tok app while holding a viral baby on social media. Many criticized the actions of the two midwives.
The Tik Tok video was distributed by the baby's mother who was being carried by the two midwives. Thanks to the Facebook account Bakoel Mpo Keceh, the mother grumbled to see the behavior of two midwives.

He also requested that the Health Bureau take firm action against two midwives who are known to work in one of the Bekasi hospitals.
"Dear Health Bureau of the City of Bekasi Please follow the midwife beyond the limit of CE using the infant as a means of pleasure using the application of tiktok.I am mother DRI 2 children see the behavior of this midwife is very immoral
To annoy with the life of this baby is born his mother easily the midwife CET baby uwek uwek face THAT for pleasure and folower for the celebrity !! Please, follow up as soon as possible so that there are no more incidents of this kind, "writes Bakoel Mpo Keceh, viewed by detikcom on Wednesday (27 / 06/2018).

From the video Tik Tok saw two midwives holding the baby during jig. A midwife seemed to pinch the baby's cheeks that seemed to be born.
Until Wednesday (27/06/2018) at 15:00, the display received 4.5 thousand responses and 16,612 times distributed.
The President of the Indonesian Commission for the Protection of Childhood (KPAI) Susanto regretted the inappropriate behavior of the midwife. He asked that people do not do things that could have a negative impact.
"If this is done by health professionals, it is not correct, we regret all parties, parents, health professionals, teachers, the community for not doing funny things that affect the baby or l & # 39; child. " at detikcom



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