Viral video of a lecturer asks for payments to students at each meeting and banishes who dares to protest


TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – Unusual events allegedly occurred at a private university in Makassar.

In a viral video, a man suspected of being a speaker was mentioned to ask students for money.

He even persuaded and forced to obey the rules.

The video is uploaded by the Facebook account user Parinding Tandiesak on Friday 07/09/2018.

The Tandiesak indicated that the money requested by the teaching staff was used to pay for each meeting.

The nominal value invoiced is IDR 2,000 for each student.

"What would campus be if educators were mentally like that ????

Every meeting has to pay Rp. 2000 You are cheap, "wrote the Tandiesak.

However, one student dared to protest against the only man in the class.

There was a quarrel between the speakers and the students.

"Before entering this campus, there is an agreement that you have signed.You must know the rules," said the speaker.

"I obey the rules that exist on this campus, and there is no regulation, every meeting, the lecturer comes in, the students pay 2,000 Rp," said the student who n & # 39; Did not accept the speaker's rules.

"Now, who teaches, who has the rules, then you will just study with the Chancellor, do not study with me," said the speaker.

At the end of the 1 minute and 35 seconds video, the student was pulverized and told to leave.

"So you just got out, get out, get out, get out!" Said the speaker holding out his hand.

Until the writing of this news, the video of the incident had been broadcast more than 2,000 times.

The parties did not respond directly to the video.

See the video above. ( Padmasta EW)