"Spread the bleach" a hoax of the Kremlin? BBC Trending asks Anna Dovgalyuk

[ad_1] Millions of people around the world have watched a viral video showing Anna Dovgalyuk, a Russian activist, student and social media star, directly mobilized against manspreading. So, why do some people think that it is actually a misinformation sustained by the Kremlin? As some believe, was this propaganda conceived, sponsored and disseminated by the … Read more

This is the answer of the student when the teacher asks for a video

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Viral video of a lecturer asks for payments to students at each meeting and banishes who dares to protest

[ad_1] TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – Unusual events allegedly occurred at a private university in Makassar. In a viral video, a man suspected of being a speaker was mentioned to ask students for money. He even persuaded and forced to obey the rules. The video is uploaded by the Facebook account user Parinding Tandiesak on Friday 07/09/2018. The … Read more

Viral video: Rajasthan MP BJP asks people to smuggle gold, not drugs

[ad_1] A controversial video went viral of a Rajasthan deputy BJP of Alwar, Gyan Dev Ahuja, asking a community to pass gold, not drugs because that Is a bailable offense. In arguing his point, he added that it was "a matter of pride if any one of the community is taken with gold instead of … Read more

Hello MPSC Guru | Ep 11 | Scam asks for a marriage proposal MPSC Reference Books | Jivan Aghav

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