Viral video of a massive landslide from Mongolia

Two viral videos have recently appeared on social networks, with large landslides somewhere in the mountainous regions of Mongolia. However, it is not yet confirmed that the landslide in these videos actually comes from Mongolia.

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  1. Ek video 5 December 2017 ka hai
    Aur dusre video 16 February 2010 ka

  2. second video not real. it happend in italy in the year 2010

  3. IT IS FALSE NEWS. INDIAN MEDIA DONT HAVE BASIC KNOWLEDGE ATLEAST. THEY NEED JUST TRP. The two videos in the viral post are old and unrelated. The first video shows the thawing of permafrost in southwest China in 2017 while the second video is of a landslide that took place in Italy in 2010. SEE THE LINK