Viral video of girl hugging Muslim boys on Eid


Muslim Ladko is the only person to lagwa in the line and a mysterious Ladki Kiya Eid Mubarak

Moradabad One Shopping Center is the most popular in the world.

Is a video for mysterious Ladki in young Muslims to meet Eid Mili and Dusri Ladki counting

Ladki ko hug hue dekh ladki ke eid milne ki langi kuch lambi hone lagi

Kuch ko laga ki mall wale was the promotion ko liye cute ladki hai

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31 thoughts on “Viral video of girl hugging Muslim boys on Eid”

  1. Musalmaan ka naam kharab karnewale tine bade ho Gaye ye tak nahi malum kya haraam hai kya halal line lagakar gale milrahe hai selfi le rahe hai has has Kar selfi le rahe hai laanat hai tumlogon pe kaise Mussalman ho haram halal fe fark nahi malum

  2. Y are we suppose to mention the dress which she's wearing … may be she's just hugging them with open heart no reason behind … just to wish them … like seriously any news u ppl make

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