Viral video of Silvassa Girl / Viral video of a girl in Silvassa case 2018 Silvassa

Our goal is not to discredit anyone, nor to hurt the hearts of people of any caste community, but we want in all these cases, young people and women of all states of India remain away from the funds, The future remains bright.
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Publisher / Journalist – Hemant Mishra (8690392444)

Video editing / Cameramen-Vivek Rai [ad_2]


  1. Isn't hookah smoking a common thing in Indian culture? Like we have been smoking hookah since ages, even today if u go inside villages, u will see old men and women sitting with a hookah pot, smoking it! We even have a saying "hukkah-pani band kar do" which means to not let a person visit anyone's home!

  2. आपके राज्य से ही आता हे गांजा हेमंत मिश्र जी

  3. Use mic for better audio quality