Viral video of the action of Kevin Sanjaya Ngintip When Jonatan Christie again in the final, Gemes really

Viral video of Kevin Sanjaya Ngintip's action When Jonatan Christie will be competing again, Gemes Netizens really!

The country's badminton athletes are currently in the honor of the citizens.

It is undeniable that in the midst of the Asian Games, badminton athletes are most prominently.

The names of Kevin Sanjaya and Jonatan Christie are among the most talked about names.

Kevin Sanjaya himself is known for his various achievements both inside and outside the country.

While Jojo, the nickname of Jonatan Christie, known as a young badminton man who should be the next Taufik Hidayat.

But recently, there was a hilarious incident that became the star of the citizens.

A video recording of Kevin Sanjaya 's action has secretly taken a look at the match of his teammate, Jonatan Christie.



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  1. dia coba ngecek siapa tau rekan nya jojo di apa apain..sama wasit..