Viral video of the handcuffed black child is why there is no confidence.


A 10-year-old black child was arrested and handcuffed. This is where the lack of trust begins.

Francis Maxwell asks, where is the support for him as he was for Keaton? #StandWithMichael.



49 thoughts on “Viral video of the handcuffed black child is why there is no confidence.”

  1. Well mr. Maxwell I can think of some cases where I don't know why kids were cuffs and shot sometimes this happened in Belfast Ireland with your people when the English occupied Ireland back in the day Sunday Bloody Sunday that's where you get groups like U2 and The Cranberries may she rest in peace and Sinead O'Connor who still has PTSD from that situation

  2. When people call the police and say that a Mexican has committed a crime, the police department should sent out Mexican cops to deal with that problem.
    If people say that a Black man has committed a crime they should sent out Black cops to deal with that problem and so forth.
    In order to stop the public from crying and making EVERYTHING about race.
    That way Black gangbangers dont get shot for pointing a gun at a Black cop.
    (Unreal situation but thats what people think will happen).

  3. Let’s see if I can understand what’s going on here. What I have read is that the police got a call that a boy in the area wearing blue was in possession of a firearm. It never clarified anything about the skin color of this boy. The police see a kid in blue so the police do their job and try to confront the boy and then the boy decides to run. I get it, he’s young and afraid, but running from the police didn’t make the situation any better. The police caught him and put in handcuffs, and then searched him and when they saw no he had no gun, they let him go. This isn’t a race issue. Like I said, from what I’ve heard, they gave no description of race, only that there was a boy in blue in the area with a gun. The only thing the police did wrong was that they found the wrong person. They let him go once they were able to confirm he had no gun. And to answer your question if a white person could be in that same situation, yes they can. You see countless times of white people being detained all over YouTube (mainly because they wanna be stupid and not be compliant with the police). You need to understand that the police had to question him, and they weren’t gonna let him go until they saw he had no gun (which they did let him go). Their job isn’t to find every black person they see and take them to jail, their job is to protect the city of Chicago so kids like him won’t have to die like lots of people do there everyday. This isn’t a race issue, it’s a safety issue, big difference.

  4. Black men in America are so paralyzed with fear that they are unwilling and refuse to fight back when their own communities are being terrorized by the KKK. Aka neanderthal cops, on a daily basis. Black men in America you are under attack!! Wake up, please!! Fight back with your enemies!! African boys, men, girls & women are being killed and destroyed by U.S. neanderthal's mercenaries! The only ones that can stop these psychopaths devils, is you!! Talking, debates, arguments, lectures, and protest aren't going to stop the descendants of the devil. I feel so sad for my African men for being so lost in this country, they continue to undermine the power and the strength they possess to fight the oppressor. Mind control is real. ?

  5. "only 10 years of age"… no matter how old, little lawless ah's like this do as much damage, if not more than their parents..and libfucks like this clown, with his blinders on, thumbs down the cops for detaining this future inmate. wake up, and quit fueling black complaints and lies…every police brutality and harrassment case began with an act that brought their attention to the suspect..believe it . these bs artist blacks are pro's at criming then's in their genes

  6. This young man did not deserve to be terrorized. Protocols are killing trust. This has happened to white children also. And the results are these children are terrified of the police… they physically shake and get sick…innocent children are cannot trust every police person following protocol.

  7. If the young man did not trust the police you can believe does not now most police officers us there job to take out old grudges on people that remind them of some one from there past these officers should never have that kind of power it has cost the lives of great officers doing the right thing.

  8. Why are the clowns behaving so ? There is nothing unusual. This event my change is life for the better. Lesson, stay clear of wrong doings, the cops are watching you. Use the educational system to the fullest. When you grow up participate in the electoral process. Stay on the straight & narrow. The cops are watching you.

  9. I use to consider myself a liberal, but if this is what's being a liberal comes down to I'm out. Stop crying about everything! Tell me that there aren't any 10 year olds in Chicago that carry guns & I'll call you idiot if you believe it. He fit the discription of a young black male passing off a gun & they held him at the same location they found him at for 10-15 in handcuffs, until they proved that he wasn't the right kid & let him go. Just maybe they saved his life by scaring the shit out of him. Maybe he'll think twice if someone tries to convince him of doing something stupid. Besides I think you're more tramatized then the kid. He looked just fine. Please stop whining about everything ! I thought this site was by progressives not crybabies !!!

  10. Give me a break. First off, you never told us what the kid did. Second, the child did not look "traumatized". If he/she did something bad, the cops were probably trying to scare them straight. But then this Scottish idiot comes along, someone who clearly hates his own skin tone. So now we have to claim whites are evil because of him. Screw off and die white haters/self haters. Your propaganda only works on the low IQ'ers.

  11. You are so correct. I just read "The New Jim Crow" by Michelle Alexander and "The Color of Law" by Richard Rothstein. There is something deeply conniving and insidious with how the U.S. wants to disparage black lives and torment us for breaking the chains of enslavement. It is sad that they try so hard to ingrain fear and intimidation in the most vulnerable of African Americans. What can I say, "This is America"!!

  12. This kid wasnt a treat to police and yet the chief lied to cover his officers like most departments have done. I wonder if it was the chiefs son or grand son would he have reacted the same way

  13. Wasn't there an Arab man who killed several service members and had expressed himself in a toxic manner and had stated that he would kill for Allah. The military had investigated and found that he was in fact planning on killing military members of the United states. No one acted on this information for fear of being called a racist. I get it he's a minor, but its protocol I could understand if they made him spend a whole night in jail without doing research. It was just ten minutes. Idk man this is ridiculous that we are all stunned by this. Just my opinion.

  14. Only time red boys are cuffed is after they shoot up schools, mall, churches and concerts and then they get a five star meal on the way to jail. Then he screams mental illness gets a slap on the wrist or not charged at all… Must be nice being red but karma is playing out and those chickens are roosting hard.

  15. Maxwell stated, "We must look at this situation through the lens of race". Yes, because that is what will lead us to the objective truth

    At least TYT is honest in their view, that looking at the world through the lens of race is what matters.

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