Viral video of Ulama invites women to nightclubs to sing nurses, Cak Imin gives his opinion


TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – Video of a cleric who invited women in nightclubs to fend off viruses on social networks.

The video is uploaded to an Instagram account @gusmiftah on Friday (7/9/2018).

In the video, Gus Miftah is on stage and sings Selawat.

He invited people to the public's seats, including women who wore sexy dresses to sing the selawat.

Based on the information contained in the download, the event was held in a nightclub in Bali.

"The world and its contents were created by Allah because of Nur Muhammad, if you want to be born, many pray Sayyidina Muhammad.

The atmosphere of prayer in #boshebali #boshevvipclubbali #boshekaraoke. My brothers, good people and bad people are a difference, good people have done bad things and bad people have had to do good.

Never judge them, but please pray for them

The video caught the public's attention.

National Awakening Party (PKB) president Muhaimin Iskandar, or Cak Imin, also answered this question after a user asked for it.

Thanks to his @cakiminNow Twitter account, he answered a question on @AnnaSuezann's Twitter account, Sunday 9/09/2018.

"It's possible and appropriate, precisely in a place like this, prayers are often invited so that they are safe and huskul khotimah, the initials are considered bad but may very well end." Who is the great Gus Miftah? " .

Check out the video above. ( Widiastuti)