Viral video: Police phoned a 12-year-old lawnmower

A boy from Mayfield Heights runs his own business this summer cutting lawns and cleaning up years.



  1. WHO gets upset at a CHILD trying to work hard and do good things??!! He's being a good kid for f°°k sake!! My god! Who cares THAT much about a tiny strip of grass??
    My god people are so pathetic. How dare a kid try hard to be a good kid… Good work to his parents ?

  2. Keep on keeping on little guy!

  3. How difficult would it have been to walk outside, maybe with a glass of ice water, compliment Reggie on the beautifully manicured lawns they are creating. Then let him know that they like to take care of their own lawn, show him the property line, and ask for a business card in case they need lawn care in the future.

    … Instead, they go the 'make 'merica great again' route. Geez

  4. Another deplorable who called police . SAD

  5. Wanda Weed Saver strikes again!!!!

  6. Her name should be weed wacker betty!!??

  7. Shit!! Atleast his parents teaching him not to be lazy and make money!! Damn

  8. Isn't that the mom from the 1970s TV show "Good Times"?

  9. I hope the jack asses that called on the kids get exsplosiv disentary for a year.

  10. That kids competition to illegals imigrants

  11. great to see this young man working for the summer the way we used to when we were kids instead of starting trouble hope these kids get a lot of business

  12. Every millionaire has to start somewhere.

  13. Cops called because he's cutting grass to make a dollar and a dime. At least he's not selling drugs or breaking into houses. SMH

  14. WTF?? A great kid wantn to work for money!?!! This country is soo f***ed !! This kid is a LEADER. YOU GO LIL MAN !! GOOD JOB !! YOU'LL BE A GOOD FATHER ONE DAY TOO. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN !! WORK !!!

  15. At this point people think 911 is a customer service department that they can call and complain to about every little thing. Ridiculous

  16. If I didn't live in Wayne county, I would call him and have him cut my yard to give him business

  17. Who cares?! And this went viral?????

  18. The child is completely at fault.

    Completely justified call.

  19. I hired this nigglit to mow my grass. It does an adequate job but the brown boy put much more effort. Such a shame he had to be shipped back.

  20. good kid .. shame on that person who called the police ..

  21. Keep up the great work Mr Reggy

  22. Like we always say…if something stupid happens, odds are it's here in Cleveland

  23. Poor kid. So he accidentally mowed a little too far over. Boo-hoo.

  24. You just can't win with racist people. If Black men aren't working they call them lazy, bums, thugs etc. Here this kid is working hard and running his own business at 12 years old and some racist fool calls the cops. ….SMH. Keep rising little man, haters are going to hate…. Just go over, under, around or through people like that and keep rising!????

  25. Is there a way to donate to his cause? Like help for new tools and stuff? I’d like to donate to him!

  26. For real this is petty asf! Grow the f*** up FOR REAL! If y'all idiots can't live, speak to or see a person of color without negativity and hate then you need to just stfu and let em be.

  27. This is real?!?! Brainwashed zombie Americans

  28. That's ridiculous, some people are stupid af

  29. Neighbor's that are evil are a bitch.. Who calls the police on a 12 yr. old that is just working hard? I'll tell you who, a evil person with a demonic spirit living in their house whispering in their ear to do bad.. People spread the love and fight the hate..

  30. So this is the new hustle, make your kids do something then have someone white call the cops on them. Its getting old fast.

  31. Kid want to make money why make him stop damn idiot people calling cops.

  32. This is Evil trying to Concord Good! Blessed is the pure at heart! Keep it up young man!

  33. Good for you son. Keep up the great work.

  34. What a lot of people fail to realize is that the cop was called on the neighbor, not the kid. There are 3 sides to every situation (one side's, the other's, and what actual took place) and this is just that neighbors portrayal of what happened. There is a proven rotten history between these neighbors. This kid has very little to do with this and is innocent.

  35. I did the same at that age. Glad it helped him. Who hinders a young person from learning and earning? No a true American.

  36. More kids need to be doing this, heck more adults need to be doing this.

  37. Sour neighbor, sweet outcome. Some awesome parenting skills!