Viral video recognition of traders in South Jakarta requested THR by Satpol PP


Viral Video Recognition Traders in South Jakarta Requested THR by Satpol PP

Viral video capture Satpol PP would have asked THR to traders in South Jakarta
A video titled Traders in South Jakarta who were asked for the vacation allowance (THR) by Satpol PP, circulated on social media and the WhatsApp group. In the video, the man asked that the governor and the deputy governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan-Sandiaga S Uno take action.
In the 40-second video, a green man with a shirt was holding a piece of paper in his right hand. He also holds 10 thousand Rp money.

"This is traders in South Jakarta, please Mr. Anies, Mr. Sandi cook this Satpol PP ask THR to small traders, we find hard money, even if pay the security money, cleanliness every day, "said the man in the video Friday / 6/2018).
The man sometimes pushed a piece of paper into the camera of the phone that recorded it. Given the text "THR Lebaran Pol PP & # 39; and below there is a list of names.

"Small traders are still asking for THR," said Anies, Mr. Sandi, the governor of DKI Jakarta. "Emang from the provincial government of DKI Jakarta does not have APBD funds to pay THR for Satpol PP?
We do not know where the video was taken. Who is in the video is also unknown.

"Ok thank you, please, protect this video for everyone if you are people for the little ones," he concludes.
Kasatpol PP South Jakarta Ujang Hermawan said that he already knew the video. Ujang has received reports from members related to the video.

"Yeah that's right, I have a membership report," said Ujang, Friday (8/6/2018).
South Jakarta Satpol PP moves through the video broadcast mentioning the THR application for traders. Two people were arrested by the South Jakarta Satpol PP on the video.
"So the concerned met (the authors of video spreaders)," said Kasatpol Jaksel Ujang Hermawan, Saturday (9/6/2018).

Ujang said the two men called Tias and Muhammad Nur Shoim. Tias is the person who broadcast the video, while Shoim is the male figure in the video.
"The downloader is Tias, his account Tias, who in the video is Muhammad Nur Shoim.It's a grilled sausage shopkeeper," he said.
Satpol PP questioned both. Based on these two acknowledgments, the video was made after Tias received a THR application flyer from Satpol PP.
"So, what he does not know, the problem of just playing by saying .. Continue to download, it does not check first if it's Pol PP that asks", he said.

Both were secured in Taman Ayodya, South Jakarta, on Friday night (8/6). Both were brought by local traders to the office of the RW 7 secretariat, Kramat Pela after the second video was viral.
Previously, the outstanding viral video of men who have mentioned the application of THR unscrupulous Satpol PP in South Jakarta. In the video, the man shows a piece of paper containing the names.



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