Viral video seconds TNI members stabbed Brimob for Miras until death


HAGEUY VIDEO – TNI's incursion to death has become a conversation.

This incident occurred at Al Diablo Pool at Jalan Raya Bogor KM 30, Cimanggis, Depok City, Thursday (07/07/2018) around 4:00 pm.

It is known that two TNIs were attacked by Brimob staff.

Karo Penmas Mabes Polri, Brigadier M Iqbal said that there were eight unscrupulous policemen who were arrested by police over the alleged persecution.

This case is also prevalent in social media, as well as the motive of the author to do so to the victim. Based on information from various sources, the fight between the two took place because the offender was offended.

The reason, the victim refused his invitation to drink alcohol (alcohol). While the argument of raid and stabbing has occurred. On the incident, a member of TNI died after suffering a stab injury.

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