Why does Piper avoid politics and its tendencies? // Ask Pastor John

[ad_1] In general, Pastor John avoids talking about politics, news and hot trends. Why does he not deal with such cultural problems more often? On social networks, why does John Piper avoid talking about politics, news and trends? This is a great question from an alert podcast listener named Blake. "Hello Pastor John, and thank … Read more

Shortly before the death of the famous artistic director of Bala, heartbroken, | Tamil Trend News

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Death of the famous protagonist | New Tamil Trends | Tamil Viral

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In Nepal, young people revive after the death of Ashura – Muslim Peacher | Trends on Twitter |

[ad_1] A Muslim preacher claiming that Nepalese youth who die from knife wounds inflicted by themselves while celebrating Achoura come back to life. Thank God, Imam Mahdi (as) saved the Ahmadis from such ignorance and such savagery. . [ad_2] source

The dangerous viral challenge that caused brain damage to an 11-year-old | mtmad

[ad_1] The latest virus circulating on social networks is not a joke. The so-called "carousel of death" ended with an 11-year-old boy admitted to the hospital with severe brain damage. The challenge is to give gasoline to a motorcycle with the wheel on a carousel so that it can turn as fast as possible with … Read more