Hi! I hope everyone spends an amazing day! I was waiting to film this cut viral fold stamp video! We put this to the test and honestly I was upset by the results! Yall can see! Thank you very much for watching!

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  1. WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?! Who’s shook with me?!?!?

  2. You should make a video where you only do your makeup (or most of it) using only stamp on products

  3. what the fuck it actually works!!!!!!!!!! im fucking shook!! love ya Manny xx

  4. No entiendo mucho el ingles pero me gusta tu talento y tus reseñas es mas aunque no se ingles te entiendo creo que voy aprender muchoooo

  5. "That fuckin worked bro, no puedo NO PUEDO" BAHAHA ILYSM

  6. Why are you so pretty! Is that glitter on your cheeks? <3

  7. Please find the real one and like do a smaller size that fits your eyeeeee

  8. Ur gorgeous omg God I'm jealous in a good way and funny

  9. I was surpised when he said "no puedo". You are so funny, I love you!!

  10. I love watching your funny ass. Plus you talk so fast but I can keep up lol. ??

  11. Btw, you don't need that doo-dad, in the YouTube world, you rule the cut crease.

  12. I'm so jealous of your brows Manny

  13. You are so amazing ! Watching your videos makes all our days ! ????
    This in particular had me dying ? love it love you !

  14. Your bloopers are me doing my makeup on a daily ???????

  15. I enjoy watching when Manny speaks Spanish here and it! Makes him different from the rest…and sooo funny! Keeps the older manny vibes.??

  16. What drugs did you take before filming this

  17. Not gonna lie his eyebrows look ashy

  18. Manny's lips look amazing in this video

  19. I love it and I need those eye colors can you send me the palette names

  20. Wow this is one of my favorite videos I've seen on YouTube. Your dad may not think he was there for your formative years but to see how strong you are to do what you do and how strong he is to put this video up? I'm pretty sure he's influenced you more than either of you know. Congratulations to both of you ❤

  21. Nooooo puedooo noooo puedoooo ????????????? lol ….. luv u manny

  22. why watch a bitch u dont like? EXACTLY. luv u manny

  23. I think u just crack me up……oh my wow lov3 it!

  24. “NO PUUUEDDOOO” ???❤️??

  25. Ily ily ily ilyyyyy you make me giggle every time 🙂

  26. Manny is a legend so haters walk away:)-

  27. Can we appreciate Manny's lips?

  28. Definitely yes !!! Loving the video !

  29. I don’t know if I’m sold on this, but I’m dying watching this.

  30. You’re the only MUA on YouTube that actually makes me LOL ?❤️❤️ love you so much!! Hope I get the chance to meet you one day!

  31. Your funni….i like that in reveiws makes them a tad more interesting

  32. You look like the handsome human Shrek, after he took the potion 🙂

  33. Lmaoo I love manny so fucking much

  34. i have to put my earphones on whenever i watch your videos because your ** makes my mom stare at me for a while :p

  35. ??? when it stuck to you lid. Love that this works!!!

  36. The time it takes to put on the stamp you can just put on your lid.

  37. Did you end up trying out the real CUT CREASE STAMP yet ?

  38. First time see your videos and you are too adorable! ??

  39. Due to the fact that i have hooded eyelids issa no for me sis ill cut my crease the old way??‍♀️

  40. Do your makeup with all hand me downs only

  41. 2.49 "it feels so funny" ??????