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virus in action

virus in action



  1. Computer viruses give me so much anxiety and yet here I am.

  2. I was playing on my computer when I was like 7 and I got a virus with scary messages and I cried so much lol

  3. lel all around me are familiar faces

  4. Hacker = virus = illuminati confirmed

  5. This is why i watch youtube on my phone
    Cuz on a big screen its 2spooky4me
    M A Y B E ?

  6. if u install this just keep pressing CTRL-W and it should go away 🙂

  7. That isn't a virus
    That's a computer troll

  8. R.I.P Windows Vista
    Cause: Virus detected

  9. So sad. ;-; why would a random virus maker make a virus like this. liek if u cri everytime.

  10. Windows vista in 2008? Why not get Windows 7 right?

  11. thats a simple visual c program dude. ahahahhaa

  12. Ah the memories of being a noob hacker…..AAAHHHH TERRIBLE GO BACK GO BACK EVERTHING IS A LIE GOD IS DEAD

  13. I was sad because of the music. But then I realized it was Windows Vista! What?

  14. The music is so relaxing for a virus. …

  15. you need its protogent dummie