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Warriors vs. Heat: players react to winner of the game Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade did all things prominently Wednesday night, when he created a real hype-buzzer to send the Miami Heat beyond the Golden State Warriors.

As time passed and the heat dragged on two, Wade raised a three pointers, but was rejected by Jordan Bell. The ball was sent back to Wade, who, as time passed, fired a wild shot on one leg while he was out of balance.

He entered

As a fan, it was impossible to be angry. He's a great player all the time, in his swan song, playing his last game against the Warriors, and he's done the kind of creative and almost impossible shooting that we'll remember in the years to come.

Of course, the warriors have lost. But if we are honest, it was great.

It was probably a little less awesome for the Golden State players, who fought after a huge deficit, and then lost heartbreakingly. But after the match, even the Warriors had to stop, smile and admire what had happened with the 13 titles of the All-Star and the triple champion.

Steph Curry smiles about the play saying, "Moments like tonight remind you how great he is. It sucks that it was against us. "

Kevin Durant called it a "great game" and "you do not even think about shooting this to win the game that way." match between Golden State and the legendary shooting guard.

Bell and his coach Steve Kerr had similar reactions: a sense of inevitability. Bell said, "When he shot, I thought," it's coming. "

Great players make good games. Sometimes all you can do is flip your cap.

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