The Monday episode of "American Idol" featured some of the most impressive auditions of the season, from the 16-year-old peasant girl, Chloe Channell, to the mighty soul, Emma Kleinberg.

But none was as memorable as Nick Merico, the swoony singer who had blushed all the judges when he entered the room.

Nick Merico, 22, seduced the judges of "American Idol" with his interpretation of Amy Winehouse. (Photo: Kelsey McNeal, ABC)

"You are Hunkasaurus Rex!" Luke Bryan shouted as Katy Perry smiled and flirted with the Miami native.

Merico, 22, explained how he grew up listening to "The Sound of Music" and learning guitar and piano. Although he always had singing ambitions, he made a detour in his teen role, starring four seasons of the Nickelodeon sitcom "Every Witch Way".

"It was amazing, but deep inside me, I knew that music was always what I wanted to do," said Merico. "That's where my soul lies."

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Playing the piano, he delivered a sweet and moving interpretation of Amy Winehouse's "Back to Black", which seemed both fresh and familiar.

"It was about as close to staggering as I've ever seen," Richie rejoices afterwards. "You have that dreamy look, then you open your mouth, your sound is amazing, and if everything goes well, you could be famous."

"Nick, there are people who can sing better than you, but there may be other pieces of the puzzle missing," added Perry. "You want to be here because you're talented and a real artist, so focus on that."

With the auditions now officially over, Merico and dozens of other "Idol" hopefuls will begin Sunday the week of Hollywood (ABC, 8 EST / PST).

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