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WATCH: Oshane Thomas survives Wicket's call despite his strike against Bangladesh

Oshane Thomas, of the West Indies, blasted the bullets with his stick, but he has still not been released in the group stage against Bangladesh in Taunton on Monday. We have witnessed several weird cricket incidents over the years, but a potential decision regarding a safe hit is definitely a decision that arouses interest, even more so in this case, the third largest referee having dismissed the appeal stages.

That happened during the penultimate ball of the 49th when Oshane Thomas was on strike. Mustafizur Rahman, a Bangladeshi pioneer, delivered a routine delivery to the kidnapper who had beaten him on his way to the keeper. However, supporters and players were surprised to find that the cages had been dislodged during the incident, while the bat was missing the ball from afar. The two referees on the field had a brief consultation in the middle and decided to refer the decision up to the third referee.

The reruns showed that Thomas had actually flipped the boots with his bat. The third referee, however, found that Thomas had completed his shooting and declared him not eliminated, in accordance with MCC Law 35, which states that "The striker is eliminated, hit the wicket if, once the thrower has come in and while the ball is in play, his batter is shot by the bat or the attacker's person."

Watch the video here:

In addition, MCC Rule 35.2, regarding non-use of ticket windows, states: "The attacker is not excluded under this Act if his gate is to be extinguished by one of the methods mentioned in paragraph 35.1. If this happens after the attacker has completed any action to receive the delivery. " This made reading interesting, especially since it was an extremely rare event and, without any confirmation on this, it also seems to be the right choice of the third referee, according to the laws of the game.

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