Watch: SpaceX Leads Latest Starhopper Launch Test in Texas


The SpaceX Starhopper, a prototype of the space shuttle to Mars, is expected to be launched for the last time from Boca Chica, Texas, and you can watch the event live online.

According to SpaceX CEO Elon MuskStarhopper's launch is scheduled between 5pm and 5pm. CDT and 17:15 CDT (18:00 EDT to 18:15 EDT). If the test goes well, the Starhopper will travel at an altitude of about 492 feet, Popular mechanics reported. The daily astronaut YouTube channel broadcasts the launch and start of coverage about two hours before takeoff time.

Last week, SpaceX postponed the Starhopper flight test because the company still needed permission from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). On August 24, Musk tweeted an update on Starhopper's "big jump" and said the test could take place today.

Prior to the scheduled test, Cameron County issued a public notice indicating that Boca Chica Beach and State Highway 4 would be temporarily closed as of 2:00 pm. TAC at 12:00 pm TAC (15:00 EST to 1:00 EST) August 26, 27 and 28.

On July 25, SpaceX's Starhopper made its first unattached jump test at Boca Chica, Texas. For this test, the Starhopper turned on his Raptor engine and made a straight "jump" to the site. Before this big test, the Starhopper had made two short captive jumps in April.

The space flight company is also working on two spacecraft orbital prototypes, Mk1 and Mk2, designed to reach orbit.

SpaceX SpaceX and Super Heavy rockets could be ready to go into space by 2021 if all tests are completed within the next two years.

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