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As soon as the new streaming service offered by Apple is finally launched, it will offer users content from third-party cable networks, such as CBS and Starz, and possibly a set of Apple-commissioned TV shows and movie producers. renowned. We already knew this before the press event planned by Apple on March 25, during which the iPhone maker would finally unveil its plans for the service.

And now we also know that the new service will not have one thing: Netflix participation.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings confirmed on Monday at a press conference: "We want people to watch our content on our service" and "We chose not to integrate the service (Apple)" .

This is not an unexpected gesture, but it shows how much more difficult it will be to build customer loyalty as the streaming landscape becomes more and more fragmented with Apple's entry. – and later this year, from Disney -. Not to mention others, like the streaming service from WarnerMedia.

Hastings' first lieutenant, Ted Sarandos, was less optimistic than his boss on Monday in his comments on Apple's projects. By a Deadline Sarandos said, "We are competing with 500 cable channels and have entered almost every home in the world for a long time," he adds about streaming news: "It's the same stable competitors, very late for the game. "

The CEO of Netflix was undoubtedly more diplomatic, clinging to his usual line of calls for results and public comment about competition in the video streaming market, which tends to serve as rising tide that raises the phenomenon of all boats. In other words, it makes everyone "better". "We've always had big competitors," Hastings told reporters Monday, as one Bloomberg report. "We are competing with Amazon for video streaming. These are amazing, large and well-funded companies that are working hard. But you do your best when you have big competitors. "

The timing of these comments is certainly interesting, given that the Apple media event will take place in a week. And although the details regarding Apple's projects – the operation of the service, for example – are few, we know that Apple has already started to build a team that will help to compete new shows from the society for the Oscars and the Emmys, as we told you later. last week.

Presumably, we'll know more about how the content of Netflix's rival, Apple, will be available on Monday, until a full recap of the launch of its first original shows.

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