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Wendy Williams thinks that fishing continues at 50 cents is childish and immature

According to a HollywoodLife report, Wendy Williams' husband, Kevin Hunter, who has already been the executive producer of his show, was inadvertently involved in Wendy's quarrel with the infamous Instagram troller, 50 Cent, who likes to sting and push. Other celebrities and artists on its social media.

Wendy does her best to stay as mature as possible when it comes to tango in social media. Apparently, 50 Cent and Wendy have been fighting publicly for some time, including for personal reasons, such as divorce and the obligation to live in a sober house.

Recently, 50 Cent called Wendy "lazy" for never wanting to leave home or attend rallies on the red carpet. Wendy would have said that making fun of her at that time was incredibly "disrespectful", especially since the whole problem was traumatic for her.

According to a source who spoke at the point of sale, Wendy has no intention of responding to 50 Cent's comments on social media. Moreover, the fact that he attacks her during personal crises is incredibly cheap and petty, so she does not even want to answer.

An insider who spoke at the point of sale stated that Wendy understood that she was good at talking, especially since she made fun of others' personal problems over the years. In fact, she has created a whole career.

In addition, Wendy has criticized 50 cents several times during her Hot Topics segment, including for her personal life. From now on, 50 Cent takes the initiative to capitalize on this moment of vulnerability. Supposedly, in his eyes, it is only justice.

In March, Wendy admitted that she had to live in a sober house. 50 Cent published an unflattering photo of her and said, "I knew something was wrong with this woman. It was the drug. At this moment, Wendy is taking a break from her eponymous TV show.


As most people know, 50 Cent has carved out a gender-like reputation for loving people who make fun of others. While some hate it for that, a lot of people on social media love it. His most famous and oldest quarrel is perhaps that of rapper Ja Rule, involved in the debacle of the Fyre Festival in 2017.

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