What does a full moon mean in a virgin? The Supermoon of February 2019 is a big one


On Tuesday, February 19th at 10:53, the full moon of snow will rise in the morning sky, bringing with it an intense energy that we will all feel during the day and at night. The full moon of February is in the Virgin, and it is technically a supermoon, which means that the moon will rise with more than just a reflective glow, but also an intense and brilliant program.

Virgos have a mode: the beast mode. When they work, they work hard. When they think, they analyze hell. When it comes to getting things done, the Virgos are professionals and are used to the pressure they have imposed on themselves to be effective. The rest of us are more likely to swing in and out of productive states – we work hard when we need it, but we are not motivated by an intense and constant desire to get things done. So, having a super-moon rising in the Virgin will have mixed but powerful effects on all of us.

Under the full moon of February in the Virgin, the Virgins will feel their ambition sink into the overdrive and the rest of us will feel a much more productive energy than we are used to. And if we do not all prepare ourselves for energy change, we risk feeling overwhelmed beyond our function. If you can anticipate the wave of the Virgin's energy, you can master it thoroughly and get things done. But if you're not stealthy, it could upset you. This is how the full moon affects us differently:

The super moon of snow for virgos


This is your only full moon of the year that falls in your sign, plus it's a super moon. So, if you are a Virgo, you can expect to feel a tremendous increase in energy that you can use to advance the things you are working hard on or have been planning to do. If you have an idea of ​​work that you have not yet presented, it's your day. If you have a giant project to tackle, it's your day to start. But do not take too much, because if you start too many projects at the same time, you lose the mojo to carry them out and end up compromising everything. So, choose a big project to tackle and pick it up under the full moon of February.

The snow super moon for all the others


A little energy of the Virgin can go very far, especially if the momentum starts. Because you know that the full moon of the Virgin is approaching, you have a little time to start thinking about things for which you could use a little more help. Virgo inspires organizational skills, project management and mental endurance. So choose a project that could really take flight with the inspiration of Virgo and get ready to move to the full moon. Because you are not used to this kind of intense energy, you could waste it if you do not master it. Do not let it spill you over, grab it and use it to your advantage. This is a great opportunity to work and regain strength during the defeated winter month.

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