What happened at home in the viral video (title issues in real estate investing)

CASH FLOW TEAM I check a few houses and discuss title issues in this video and discuss what happened at home from the viral video.


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  1. we heard vending machines is a good investment busines! but not north of sanantonion otexas coz yakuza monopolizes i tthere n' thye'll kill you!!! we think of business ideas sometimes. fbi invsestes in realestate n' vending mahince

  2. I like you man, you’re chill.

  3. Now: My comment is not gonna get favourited

    10 years later: Eyyyyyy wasup I'm on da favorites!!!!

  4. Ooh didn't see the inside when I made my first comment lol

  5. Hey there Mr. Hines My name is Markell Simon ..
    I noticed how you had a lil problem at your last house you visited I feel I could be of an assistance .
    I work out of the Memphis TN area
    I do armed security and private protective. Im a subcontractor for some properties around the Memphis area. (James bridge apartment s, green Brook, etc)
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  6. Very interesting. How did you get started in the work?

  7. Good work Mr. Hayes, stay safe out there. If I ever get my medical schooling finished in a year or two and St. Jude Hospital will have me; i'll keep you guys in mind if I have to relocate to the Memphis area and need a house. Stay true and honest, customers appreciate it.

  8. Just binged watched a bunch of your vids, watched ads and clicked on some ? keep on moving forward bro congrats.

  9. My man! Haven't replied in awhile I see you got a camera and still moving forward with your goals, "lovin it" And a big congrats for over 20K subs. Being part of making Memphis better has got to be exciting to know you are a part of history in the making. Mad props much love.

  10. I want to assure you that all white people are not as big an ass as that first video. Folks should be diligent on watching empty homes for squatters and meth house situations. But that ass was a racist…and that's just how it is.

  11. Great video. I did this type of remodel for 45 years. Lot of work but if the price is right there is a good profit to be had. Thanks for the video.

  12. Sending love from toronto, MH! You the best!

  13. Bring on the flips. Too bad you were not able to get the first house and show the bigoted racist next door how you do your thing. That would make her go even crazier. ? That burn out looks like a lot of work. Love your videos!

  14. So I'm guessing buying on a
    tax sale doesn't relieve you
    Of any other encumbrances

  15. You The Man Michael Hayes. Need More Like You.

  16. Great follow up on the viral house. No one wants to lose $$$ on any investment.
    You and your wife are so hardworking. That is vital to running this kind of business.
    Thanks for the update. ??

  17. This is very educational. I'm learning alot about rehab houses. And it's also good to see Memphis.

  18. Great video man. Really enjoyed this?????

  19. Even the second house looks better than mine ( structure wise ) Love your work bringing houses back and enjoy your videos.

  20. Not a Bad looking house…. looks to be in better shape than mine..?

  21. Off the top of your head (nothing concrete) what's the est repair cost to get back in excellent condition?

  22. Truth of the matter is, every house buying situation isn't as simple as paying money and buying a house. Let's discuss chain of title and how title issues can slow down or prevent a closing.