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What happened when Kyle Richards joined Lisa Vanderpump?

Friendships come and go. But when you are on one of the Real housewives franchises, your relationships are the only things that can keep you sane.

Unfortunately, Lisa Vanderpump has lost all her friends this season, including her long-time friend, Kyle Richards, because of #puppygate.

What happened between Vanderpump and Richards?

Vanderpump and Richards had one of the oldest friends in the series. But all of this collapsed after rumors began to circulate that Dorit Kemsley had a dog from the Vanderpump's Vanderpump Dogs Foundation, before later depositing him in a shelter.

At first, like any good friend, Richards remained neutral on the subject. But eventually, she accused Vanderpump of talking about Kemsley to the press.

"Wow, it's a big shock for me. That changes everything, "Vanderpump said on RHOBH when accused. "I have not done anything wrong." Just because you charge me, I'm not going to say "Yes, I did something" if I did not do it. who defends what's right, I could have thrown her under the bus, but I'm done, I'm done with you too. "

What happened when Richards met Vanderpump?

Vanderpump and Richards broke up after the fight and that was pretty much the end of their friendship.

During the episode of last night, Richards told the women that she had met her former friend.

"I've also met Lisa Vanderpump at Neiman Marcus," she said. "So I said," Hi Lisa. And she went to say "Hello," as if you were going to say hello before turning to you. She was like, "Hello. Oh oh! "Like she was really shocked."

Richards went on to say that she had apologized to the restorer for what had happened.

And I said, "How are you? "And I said," I want you to know that I'm really sorry for the way things went and everything that happened between us. I really do not think it's necessary at all. And she said, "Well, you've called me a liar."

"And I said," No, I did not call you a liar. These are your words, "said Richards.

For Richards, the conversation only confirmed that their relationship could not be as good as before.

"Even though I have a lot of empathy for what she has experienced, I do it, but that does not excuse behavior either," she told the women . "And also, it's not a behavior because she's going through a difficult time – it's something she's already done since I've known her."

Would Vanderpump forgive Richards?

According to Vanderpump, the ship of friendship between her and Richards sailed.

"I think she was so lucky," Vanderpump told HollywoodLife when asked if she would forgive her old friend if she apologized.

"It was the eve of my birthday, so it would be 10 months ago and I received a text message the next day," she continued. "When people say they held out their hand, when they reach out to film with a camera, it's not really:" Come and get us for a drink, oh, by the way, the cameras are there . "It's a different scenario."

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