What to do with the argument that Sion should close it? Stop it – The Athletic


Everything about Zion Williamson is great. His body, his weight, his muscles, his vertical leap, his average score, his percentage of goals in the field, his hype, his blocks, his dunks, his creativity, his sensation. Everything but his ego. So of course, if he's going to hurt himself, it will not be easy. He has to fend off a shoe, cost a huge game to his team, sneak into a corporate monster and start a dialogue from another world about what he should do next. It's the world of Zion, guys. We are just debating the issue.

And it's an intriguing debate. Regardless of the prognosis, could it be better if Zion Williamson does not play another game for Duke and instead focuses on the draft NBA? Many intelligent and reasonable people argue this argument. This question makes sense as it touches the heart of the NCAA's controversial position on amateurism, as well as the unpopular age of the NBA, at least 19 years old.

To be clear, I am opposed to age …


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