Why did not it become viral? – CONAN on TBS

What is this viral video of little boys meeting their new little brother that this clip does not have?

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  1. Ok we all skip ads….and then once in a while guilt kicks in so you watch the ad…..then the timer ticks to ten minutes.ugh!…so they keep track on your ad footprint and load an appropriately large video to make up for all the ones you skip? Is that how it works?

  2. "Vape with your new baby brother!" Omg that line ???

  3. I like how they used the old ass youtube video player. Silent protest to all the changes. Beautiful.

  4. When they played the first video, I thought I saw the thumbnail differently. LOL

  5. That suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked…

  6. Your hair cannot go any higher!!!

  7. Is it me or does Conan look more tired nowadays

  8. is that the chick from Conan's baseball skit ? I think it's her

  9. Sadly there is some truth in it. Older orphans are just left behind, just like overripe fruit…

  10. category similar to Ellen. now conan is getting bankrupt so applying cheap methods like Ellen

  11. Those Conan videos are so stupid. Please make more of them.

  12. Even this video didn't gone viral

  13. The origin of SOLIDUS SNAKE

  14. Racist White people adopting white babies. Why not adopt a starving African child?

  15. Thumbnail sort of spoilers the joke halfway through the segment, though.

  16. i really like how the youtube layout used for the fake video is the youtube layout from like 10 years ago hahaha

  17. It's a joke but there's real life cases of grown adults and even elderly people who get "adopted" by people who pretend they are their children…

  18. "Vape with your new baby brother!" Lol.

  19. Conan bring back remotes please…and also Jordan Schlansky !!!

  20. Middle aged smoking weed you kidding me

  21. They already have two boys why not adopt a girl so stupid

  22. Why is your Youtube player from 2008, conan? I found a mistake!!!

  23. 0:53 "Well it turns out that there was another very similar video…" i love how the audience started laughing before he even finished the sentence, because everyone knew it would be one of those typical conan sketches lmao!!

  24. Conan will make these videos go viral. hahaha


  26. That video had way better quality to be a 360p video

  27. Lmao Andy with his one liner zings ?