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Why Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are now waiting to have kids – Hollywood Life

Justin Bieber has announced that he wants to spend time solo with Hailey Baldwin "for a while," but there is even more reason behind their decision to postpone their family plans for now.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's The swirling romance led to an engagement and a wedding in the space of two months in 2018, so the rumors naturally revolved around the fact that parenthood would come after and soon. "For a long time, Justin was very interested and eager to have children with Hailey shortly after the wedding," said a 25-year-old Justin source. HollywoodLife. The singer "I Don" t Care "also confirmed that he would like to arrange" appointments with his daddy daughter "in the future, but clarified that he" was not alluding to nothing so early "and that he was not" in a hurry "from -parent with Hailey, 22, in an Instagram post from July 10th! While Justin explained that he would like to take advantage of Hailey alone "for a while," he was not the only one to have made that decision.

"[Hailey] This is the one who really wanted to wait and stop all these discussions because she is still young and she wants to seize more opportunities for television and models, "reveals our source. Hailey, who recently modeled for Miu Miu The 2019 fall / winter campaign "interests all of this and does not want to spend much of its time being a mother yet."

Hailey at She understood what age group she "would be mainly interested in the trade of child" and it is "her twenties in her early thirties," says our source – "a few years at the earliest". Her husband was not surprised. "Justin has since accepted his wishes because he loves her and that he wants her to be happy and that they will have a family when the time is right for them," continues our initiate. "Rushing would be a mistake because they are very happy and form a couple in unison who thinks about simple things, [such] like the food they want for dinner and serious things like when to have a child. And now, finally, they are also on the same page regarding the projects of their family, says our source!

As you can see, Hailey and Justin spend a lot of time together, like their trip to Disneyland on July 10th. They also love snuggling in bed, as JB shared it with his 115 million Instagram followers on July 10th. He even left a little poem for his wife in the legend: "My lips are jealous of my arms because I can hold you with them."

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