Why MacKenzie Bezos is a true hero of our time


A wedding can go wrong. But you can at least have a good divorce.

As proof, just look at MacKenzie Bezos. The ex-wife of Jeff Bezos has emerged from his split with the founder of the Amazon not only as the world's fourth richest woman, but perhaps also as the most gracious woman in the world. 39; universe.

She tweeted on April 4, "Grateful to have completed the process of dissolving my marriage with Jeff with the support of everyone and everyone who has been kind to us and looking forward to the next step as co-parents and friends . "

She added that she would give her full interest in the Washington Post and Blue Origin, as well as 75% of her Amazon shares and control of her stock. She then stated that she was "excited about my own projects. Grateful for the past, I can not wait to see what will follow. "

At a time when social media allowed everyone to display their dirty laundry in one click – and possibly dispel their anger in a book contract or a TV show – keeping private matters confidential seems almost quaint .

When a Kardashian is cheated, she triggers an uppercase response on social networks stating, "You're the reason my family broke up!", As Khloe did for Jordyn Woods, her partner's love.

Christina Anstead and Tarek El Moussa, formerly married "Flip or Flop" stars, have taken advantage of their split to create new franchises ("Christina on the Coast" and an unspecified personal exhibition of Tarek for the premiere on HGTV ).

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift has turned virtually every break into a catchy song.

Turning your grief into a profit has become one of the most cruel examples of American capitalist culture.

Lauren Sanchez
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Which makes MacKenzie's grace a refreshing surprise. The former ex Bezos had certainly as many reasons to feel angry as anyone. After all, her husband cheated on her with neighbor Lauren Sanchez and did so in a way that made him ridiculous, with texts revealing that her married lover was a "living girl" – a so strange and funny sentence it has become an instant meme.

Unfaithfulness after 25 years of marriage would be pretty infuriating. But MacKenzie also contributed to the founding of Amazon. She was one of the first employees of the company. According to Business Insider, she negotiated the first transportation contracts for the company. The couple did not have a marriage contract and if she had wanted to, she could have fought for half of her fortune and embarrassed him to hell in court.

At the very least, MacKenzie could have said something clever and naughty about his ex in this situation. You remember Nicole Kidman joking, "I can finally wear heels again" after his divorce with Tom Cruise? MacKenzie could have made a fault like that, and we would not have held her against her.

But she chose not to do it. In fact, she has not been seen or heard since the announcement of the divorce.

And the only reason for this may be that she is a woman of tremendous restraint and good taste. She must also be the kind of mother who wants to protect her four children from the horrors of a public divorce.

In this, it looks like an anomaly. You could think that a few billion dollars could alleviate the grief – and it is estimated that MacKenzie left the divorce with $ 36 billion – but this is not always the case.

Large sums of money often seem to generate even larger, more spectacular and more horrific splits.

Look at the real estate mogul, billionaire Harry Macklowe, who in March stuck a banner of himself and his new wife on a building in which his ex-wife was buying an apartment. That may be what made Macklowe's friends laugh, but for all those who do not know him, it's a reminder that money can not buy the class.

Last year, when billionaires Sue and Bill Gross divorced, Page Six announced that Sue had traded a Picasso that they owned with a replica in order to take the original. Meanwhile, Bill put dead fish in the air ducts of their house to sting him before Sue took it during the divorce.

MacKenzie can move on to new projects and new relationships with her head up, knowing that she has behaved with a level of dignity that is rarely seen today.
And while she may have been generous with him financially, Jeff Bezos is lucky enough to know how much he has lost.

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