Will Smith plays with Jaden and Willow Smith at Coachella


Will Smith

I have maybe 50 years old but I can rock the house

… occurs with Jaden at Coachella

20/04/2019 07:34 PDT

Will Smith surprised the Coachella crowd on Friday night during week 2 of the festival by joining his son, Jaden, on stage … and he was not disappointed. The crowd went crazy.

Will played Jaden's hit song "Icon" in the Sahara tent before a packed crowd. It's interesting … you may remember, Will did a parody of the clip last year, which was also a huge success.

willow also played with Jaden, as Jada Pinkett Smith looked in the crowd with approval. Before jumping on stage, Will was next to Jada filming his son and daughter.

Once at the top, Will says, "This is my first time on the Coachella scene, it's not impossible that I'll go like this. Do it again!"

Remember … Jaden released last week Jordyn Woodswho was a actual statement. As you know, Kardashians are furious with her in all Tristan Thompson thing but Jada came out loud support Jordyn and even carefree Kris, Khloe and Kim. It was a showing further of support for Jordyn and presumably the evidence of the fracture of the relationship between the Smiths and the Kardashians.

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