45 thoughts on “Woman Shaves Legs In Public Pool In Viral Video | The View”

  1. Actually, I think pissing in the pool is worse. At least you can see the hair shavings possibly get them out with the net. I'm not saying it's okay to shave your legs in a public/motel/hotel pool either, but between the two…

  2. Thats nasty af, but considering a bunch of people all wallowing around in the same urine specific, chlorine filled water I'm not surprised…. As a child we didn't think twice about jumping in pools, but as an adult I most definitely reconsider!

  3. I'm from the state whose sole reason for conception was to be a buffer between the American Colonies and Florida. Obviously, we failed.

    People of His King's namesake colony, Georgia

  4. Does anyone remember this incident? It was on the news and may have also happened in Florida but I can’t remember. I do remember that a young boy had told the life guard that a woman had jumped in and not gotten out, but he was ignored.

  5. Yeah, it's mysterious. Next thing you know, you'll be able to see men's underwear and butt cracks as they walk down the street, while talking to someone on speaker phone. Or, they'll just be super loud in the movie theater. I wonder why no one corrected her. Absolutely mysterious.

  6. Other than how unsanitary this is for the pool users, this woman can get skin infection by shaving in the pool. Common sense has well and truly taken a day off!

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