Woman Shaves Legs In Public Pool In Viral Video | The View

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  1. She is not a lady, she is a fat uncivilized pig!

  2. Maybe Mama June forgot to shave her legs today?

  3. The real question is – When did it become ok to hide and film everyone from a distance, instead of walking over to talk to the person and ask them to quit what they're doing?

  4. Absolute white trash! Her kids will do the same. Drown that pig!

  5. Why are people from Florida so trashy

  6. In case you're wondering why you guys have such few subscribers it's because you suck and most people on YouTube left television because of shows like this

  7. All these people are a disgrace to humanity

  8. Actually, I think pissing in the pool is worse. At least you can see the hair shavings possibly get them out with the net. I'm not saying it's okay to shave your legs in a public/motel/hotel pool either, but between the two…

  9. They don't assimilate and are unskilled.

  10. Thats nasty af, but considering a bunch of people all wallowing around in the same urine specific, chlorine filled water I'm not surprised…. As a child we didn't think twice about jumping in pools, but as an adult I most definitely reconsider!

  11. I'm from the state whose sole reason for conception was to be a buffer between the American Colonies and Florida. Obviously, we failed.

    People of His King's namesake colony, Georgia

  12. Does anyone remember this incident? It was on the news and may have also happened in Florida but I can’t remember. I do remember that a young boy had told the life guard that a woman had jumped in and not gotten out, but he was ignored.

  13. I believe a dead woman was left in a public pool because no one could see her in the murky water.

  14. "So that hair would've drowned you" LMFAO

  15. America's are disgusting

  16. Yeah, it's mysterious. Next thing you know, you'll be able to see men's underwear and butt cracks as they walk down the street, while talking to someone on speaker phone. Or, they'll just be super loud in the movie theater. I wonder why no one corrected her. Absolutely mysterious.

  17. This is a health hazard. She could have easily cut herself and bled into the pool… very inconsiderate

  18. But it’s not the norm? That why they filmed her. That’s why it’s viral. Because it’s weird. O.o

  19. Actually had a lady sit behind me in CHURCH and clip her TOE NAILS!!!!!!

  20. Its Florida..what do you expect…


  22. It looks trashy af but honestly people pee in the pool all the time & theres way more unsanitary things than that. She looks crazy but aint hurtin nobody

  23. Ummm whoppi FARTS on the view and eneryone is okay with it!!!

  24. I saw this idiot spitting sunflower seeds in a street car. Just like an overgrown parrot.

  25. This is not normal, it’s disgusting!

  26. I didn't know it was okay for an almost daily private routine done in your bathroom for it to become a public affair

  27. Does anyone know who she is??

  28. Other than how unsanitary this is for the pool users, this woman can get skin infection by shaving in the pool. Common sense has well and truly taken a day off!

  29. I don’t swim in public pools because of the pee , now this What’s wrong with people

  30. Why blur out the word pussy? It's not like adults don't know what the word is. Even with the extra dash.

  31. I hope someone went up to her that is so nasty. I work in retail and I have seen poop in the fitting rooms

  32. Not near as nasty as whoopi and her ignorance.

  33. One of the reasons I haven't been in a pool since 1983…..I have always considered it human soup!

  34. She looks like she smells.